About Candidiasis (Yeast Infection) in Men

Agar Plate Culture of Candida albicans

Candida yeasts are present in everyone, even the healthiest of people, usually in the moist and exposed parts of the body.

The problem arises when these yeasts overgrow to amounts that cause physical distress to the body. This happens due to a number of factors, which we discuss in the causes section.

This ailment is heavily associated with women and infamous for its reputation as one of the most common causes of vaginal irritation. However, this is not to say that candidiasis is only restricted to women.

The Candida fungus can thrive as long as the environment is right - warm, moist and dark - and this covers many areas, including penis and more specifically, under the foreskin. Since we focus on penile yeast infection here, we will not be delving too much into the other body parts that are also vulnerable to the infection.

Candidiasis on the penis is as you may have guessed, an overgrowth of the Candida fungus on the sensitive organ that is the penis. The symptoms are terrible to say the least, and the social implications it has only serve to make it worse.

Yeast infections in men are not too common, which is why there are few resources out there where men affected by it can go to.

This website will have all the details you need to know about penile yeast infections, to aid you on understanding this rare ailment better and to successfully treat and cure this infection.

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